Carlo Matrisciano

MD, Consultant Gynaecologist

Spescialist in Colposcopy, Fertility and Laparoscopic Surgery

For years he has devoted himself to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer of woman's reproductive organs using mini invasive techniques such as laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Colposcopy.


These techniques allow you to work by reducing the days of hospitalization and postoperative pain in laparoscopy or even without anesthesia and hospitalization as is the case with Hysteroscopy and Colposcopy.


He is part of the fertility center working group in Italy and offers its infertile patients the opportunity to be followed in a first preparatory phase of infertility treatments in Malta and in the second concluding stage in Italy.


DEGREE in Medicine and Surgery  got  on July 29th 1976 at the University  of Naples “Federico II”.

SPECIALIZATION  in Obstetrics and Gynaecology got on December  10th 1981 at the University of Naples “Federico II”.

REGISTRATION  AT  THE MEDICAL  COUNCIL in Salerno since  November 27th 1976 with Nr.SA 3100 and up to now no disciplinary measures have been taken against him.


Regularly non self-employee  at the Nursing Home “Tortorella” in Salerno from 1977 to 1987 as Gynaecologist in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. From 1987 up to date he has practised the profession of self-employed Obstetrician Gynaecologist by a number of  private and public nursing homes - among them there is the nursing home Villa del Sole in Salerno- Casa di Cura Tortorella in Salerno – Casa di Cura Salus in Battipaglia- Casa di Cura Santa Rita in Avellino- the Nursing Home in Cava dei Tirreni.

Since 1993 he has been a member of the working team of the Centre for Sterility and Fertility “FERTILITAS” in Salerno ( a leading centre as regards studies on fertility)

From September 2013  to July 2014 he has practised the profession of self employed in TRIPOLI- LIBIA in  “AL DIA CLINIC” end in fertility center  “HAMID IVF CENTER.”

He has carried out as as first Operator, surgical operations in the field of TRADITIONAL GYNAECOLOGY and of all the existing types of surgical operations in this field, lymphadenoctomy not included.   e is an expert in colposcopy for the treatment of  cervix diseases.     Expert in Gynaecological Ultrasound Scanning 

Since 1998 he his devoted himself to Laparoscope Gynaecological Surgery ( diagnostic laparoscopy , adesyolisis , ovarian cystectomy , tubectomy , drilling , myomectomy, hendometriosy, hysterectomy .) .

Expert in Diagnostic  and Operational Hysteroscopy

From 2005 to 2012 he has been a member of the General Surgery  team directed by Prof.Tiziano Berselli-Modena

(+356) 2143 4824





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